Monday, February 23, 2009

The Dirty Rooks!

We figured we would take a quick minute to introduce you all to The Dirty Rooks, the live entertainment for Saturday night and the official band of the Mustache Bash.  Save the turntables for another night, and keep the Britney Spears remixes for the next time you are alone in your car...we need a sound more soulful, more gritty, more suitable for the mustache-wearing party-goers of the Mustache Bash!  There is no sound more fitting than that found by Chicago's, The Dirty Rooks.  They classify themselves as "booze rock" and that is what makes them top notch in my book.  They play rock and roll influenced heavily by the blues.  Picture the Rolling Stones meet The White Stripes with Muddy Waters soul and a Ted Nugent 'stache.

Here is what others are saying:

"[The Dirty Rooks] move the genre forward and deliver exciting music that spans decades and styles"Mike O'Cull, TAXI

"most satisfying is the sound of the blues in young hands that, rather than treating the music as a museum piece, twist it to fit the moment." (Illinois Entertainer)

"The Dirty Rooks burrow themselves underneath your nails, along with the dirt and scum and filth of the city streets. And they're good...rock n' roll hasn't been this drunk in a while." Tom Lynch, Newcity

"pure, classic rock with some blues influence...”Dan Ocwhat, The Real Chicago

The Rooks poolside at Stretch's

The Dirty Rooks are making their second appearance in South Bend after a successful 2008 ND Football Kickoff Party poolside at Stretch's.  Make sure to go check out their website at  There are a ton of videos, songs, photos, you name it.  

Here is one of our personal faves:


They will be sure to make your evening a memorable one, lip sweaters and all!

Dirty Rooks Fun Fact #21:  The Dirty Rooks original band name was MOUSTACHE  (not kidding!)

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